Sunday, March 13, 2011

Improving Communications between Parents, Athletes and Coaches

by Jeff Fisher
Host, NHSCA Sports Hour

I'd like to thank my featured guests Dr. Richard and Jane Horowitz of Growing Great Relationships, who joined me to talk about their recent survey of 3,000 coaches and athletic directors that dealt with communications between coaches, their athletes and the athlete's family.

One of the surprising findings to the highly respected relationship team was the fact that over 50% of coaches and administrators responded that their #1 complaint was that parents were over-involved with their child's high school athletic career.

Aside from learning what coaches and administrators think about the relationship between today's coaches and their teen athletes, the National High School Coaches Association and Growing Great Relationships developed what is known at the CAP PACT.

CAP stands for Coaches, Athletes,'s a blueprint for creating cooperative and productive partnerships among all parties that ensures that the student-athlete's athletic experience will be fulfilling and serve as an important step in furthering the athlete's development in setting and achieving worthwhile goals for themselves and the community.

With the Horowitz' help, it was the first-time that the National High School Coaches Association conducted this type of survey with its membership.

Click here to go to the Growing Great Relationships' website to learn more about the survey results and CAP PACT.

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